Beautiful Android Live Wallpapers That Won’t Drain Your Battery

We all tend to have a Smartphone to enjoy all its features to the fullest, and it is not complete until the

We all tend to have a Smartphone to enjoy all its features to the fullest, and it is not complete until the phone is loaded with the live wallpapers. Live wallpapers make the phone beautiful, alive and these wallpapers change the complete look of the device. But, live wallpaper will no doubt drain the high amount of battery, thus create a big issue, especially when someone is traveling. However, everything has a solution and Google has come up with some great live wallpaper android that will not have any effect on the battery. If you install such live wallpaper it will not drain your phone’s battery by any means. Some of the best ones are listed below.

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Best live wallpapers



If you want to refresh your mind with new live backgrounds each day by taking care of the Battery at the same time, Muzei is one of the best live backgrounds for that. Muzei actually refers to museum keeps on bringing new high resolution images on the background off and on. However, the images are shown as blurred and dimmed to make the icon and widgets highlighted. In case you want to feel the wallpaper perfectly, a double touch on the wallpaper will display the clear image for a few seconds. Furthermore, you can select the images from gallery app to show them as the live wallpapers. This app is now available in the play store. You can download it for free.

Live aallpapers

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Wave is another useful and mind-blowing live wallpaper that hardly drains the battery of the android Smartphone. This is really amazing wallpaper, where smooth waves and lines keep on moving through the screen. The speed, color, and magnitude of the wave can be changed to bring a different look. The setting is very useful and easy to handle where it can be altered to make the app more power efficient. However, higher-level settings will not drain the battery in an undesirable way. Those who are looking to have the cool live wallpapers can go for this one. It will cost you $1.49, but the free trial is also available.

 Live wallpapers

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Custom Beam

Those who are the fans of phase beam, but disappointed by the little choice of option can look for this one, as custom beam is the alternative version of the phase beam that comes with so many setting options available. This is one of several cool live wallpapers that will not drain a great amount of battery. It lets you change the color, shape, animation angle and many other settings as per your choice. It is available in two options: free and paid. You will have access to the basic color changing features if you are using the free version, but in order to enjoy more settings, having the paid version ($1.49) will be completely worth it.

Live wallpapers

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Mountains Now

Mountains Now is one of the best live wallpapers that will let you feel the natural beauty each and every day. Here, a boat keeps on travelling through the screen along with the mountains. The 3D parallax effect makes the view even more fantastic using the gyroscope. The speed and motion of the animation can be altered to have a different look on the screen. You can change the theme according to dawn, day, evening and night. It uses very less amount of battery. The app is available at $1.63, but you can have the free version as well, with limited features.

Live wallpapers

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Space Colony

Space colony is one of the best live wallpapers for android Smartphone and tablet. If you want to see how a human colony in Space will look like, download this theme right now. 5 places are available from where you can choose the one you like. Also, the color, backdrops and lighting effects can be altered as per your choice. The camera path can be set to bring different look, and a quick double tap is enough to change the camera path. If you want to enjoy each and every setting of this app, purchase the app by paying $1.95. This app too is so easy on the battery.

Live wallpapers

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Under the sea

Under the sea is such an elegant and beautiful wallpaper. It is not the application, just a wallpaper and once you download it you will find it in the “Live wallpapers” menu. There are two water themes to choose from. Also, there are no ads. For many Android users, this wallpaper is a perfect one because it is so calming and simply beautiful. With all this on your mind and the fact it will not drain your battery, make sure to try it out!


Day Night $2.55

This is a wonderful live wallpaper that comes with a wide range of awesome features. There are fireflies for evening and night sky, bird sounds, various settings for trees, deer, birds, and many other cool things. If you love nature wallpapers, you will love this one! It’s not a free app, but many Android users agreed it’s worth the money.



Sunset Beach

Who doesn’t like beautiful sandy beaches? This amazing live wallpaper brings the atmosphere of the beautiful evening on the beach. It comes with great visual and sound effects and smooth animation. It is so relaxing and just wonderful.



So, the greatest live wallpapers that will not affect the battery are described here. You can choose the one that suits you the best.