How To Add And Remove Telegram Bots

Telegram is a messaging app that lets you communicate with your favorite people. To communicate with friends

Telegram is a messaging app that lets you communicate with your favorite people. To communicate with friends and family, they must also have an account on Telegram and an active internet connection. You can always chat with others as long as you have the internet; if you do not, the Telegram app will not work.

If you want to add some bots to your account or, perhaps, delete and remove them from your account, we are here to help you. Just follow the steps below and you will be able to add/remove the bot in just a few minutes.

Steps to adding a Telegram bot

  • You will first, of course, need to open the Telegram app on your phone and log into your account if you are not already logged in automatically.
  • When the app's home page shows up, look for the little explore button. The button is usually located at the top right angle of your device’s screen. Click on it to start searching and proceed to the next step. 
  • In the search section, you must type in the name of the bot you want to add to your chat. If you do not know which bot to add and you have not yet explored all of them, you can follow them on my page, just click on this link and go through Telegram’s bot library until you find the bot that suits you and the one that you want to add to the chat. 
  • After finding the bot, type the bot's name in the Search section and wait until the results come out.
  • Click on one of the bots that comes out as top results to open a new conversation with them.
  • The only thing that you need to do now is to click on that big Start button, and the bot is going to be added to your account immediately.

Congratulations, you have now successfully added a bot to your account! Head to the next paragraph of this article to find out how to remove that same bot or any other bot from your account.

Steps to removing a Telegram bot

Removing a bot from your Telegram account is easier than the previous one.

To remove the bot from your account, you also need to have the app open on your device and be logged into your account; if you are not, you will not be able to proceed.

  • When the Home page of the Telegram app opens on your screen, you will be able to see all of your chats and the bots that are added to your account. You will need to find the bot you want to remove from your account; tap and hold on its name to open a new small menu bar at the top of the screen.
  • You will see a few options in the menu bar that has shown up on your screen. For example, you can mute or pin that bot to the top of your list. However, we are looking for the Delete and Stop option; when you spot the trash icon, click on it.
  • Telegram will ask you if you are sure that you want to delete the chat with that bot and, therefore, completely remove it from your account. To confirm and continue, click on the DELETE CHAT button at the end of that small pop-up window.

You have now successfully removed the bot from your account. Remember that you can always add it again if you want to.