How To Download And Install HTC Evo 4G Stock Rom

So you went ahead with rooting your HTC Evo 4G with a custom Rom because you needed to get the most out of your

So you went ahead with rooting your HTC Evo 4G with a custom Rom because you needed to get the most out of your device or just wanted to try some customizations. And now, maybe you wish to get the Sprint OTA updates or you just want to return to the HTC Evo 4G Stock ROM because you don’t need the custom ROM, or you are planning to send your Evo to the HTC Service Centre and don’t want them to know that you have rooted the device. Whatever the reason is, this guide is for you to help you return to HTC Evo 4G Stock ROM.

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Things you need to download and install HTC Evo 4G stock Rom

  • A windows PC to install the HTC Sync and connecting your device to.
  • HTC Sync for enabling a connection to the device.
  • The RUU for installing the HTC Evo 4G Stock ROM onto the device.

Important Instructions

  • Keep the battery of your phone charged to at least 50-70%. It would be best if you have it fully charged. This is important so that the device doesn’t get discharged in between, and you will be able to complete the process without any interruption.
  • Also make sure that you backup your device data and settings because the following process is going to erase everything from your device and it will return to the state when you first bought your phone. Thus, it is wise to have a backup so that you don’t lose any valuable data.
  • If something goes wrong during the process, and you end up bricking your device, then the site won’t be responsible for that.

Now let’s get started with the process HTC Evo 4G Stock ROM

First of all, you will have to unroot the device.

  • First, uninstall any version of HTC Sync that you might have on your Windows PC. This step is important for making sure that this process works.
  • Now install the HTC Sync by clicking here.

    HTC Evo 4G stock Rom

    Image source

  • Download the RUU also, by clicking here. Make sure to download the most recent one.

    HTC Evo 4G Stock ROM

    Image source –

  • Now, while you are doing this, also check and make sure that USB Debugging is turned on the phone.
  • Now run the RUU. Accept and click next.
  • Again, click next on the next screen after checking the box on the screen with caution warning.
  • Now you would have to connect your phone to the PC using the USB cable.
  • Make sure that standby and Hibernate are disabled on your PC and also the screen off is disabled on the device.
  • Now check ‘I have completed the steps’ and click Next again. If you see any error, don’t worry. Just repeat the steps of connecting your phone again. It might take more than one try to connect the device to the PC.
  • On the next screen, you will be prompted to update the version of the ROM. Just click on Next.
  • Click next on the subsequent screens as well.
  • Once you have done this, finally a progress bar will be visible, and your phone will show a black screen with HTC.
  • While following the steps, if you get an error in the middle just don’t panic. You would have to repeat the RUU steps again.
  • After some period of time, the process will get completed, and your device will restart.
  • Once it restarts, you will have the HTC Evo 4G Stock ROM, and you can check it by going to the version details of the device.

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