How To Manually Link Contacts With Facebook On Android

Gone with the winds when linking the accounts used to be so complicated requiring expertise; it has now become

Gone with the winds when linking the accounts used to be so complicated requiring expertise; it has now become so easy that a layman can easily do it by using modern gadgets and few easy steps. The common problem which we usually face while attempting the sync of various accounts is that few of the contacts don’t sync. Most of the times it happens due to duplication or triplication of numbers with same names or names with same numbers. When the phone book (in some mobiles contact list) is provided with superfluous details and they override with the details on the Facebook list it gives some issues. To address such critical issues, there is also another method available for manual linking of the account. The most convenient way to do this syncing is available on almost all android phones.

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Syncing the Phonebook Contacts with Facebook

Syncing the Phonebook Contacts with Facebook_1

Sometimes it happens that the phonebook contacts are not visible with your Facebook account. It happens because they are not properly linked with Facebook. Here firstly the syncing of contacts is required. Before going to sync you need to check the contacts of same persons saved at different locations like SIM card, Mobile or the memory card. For this you need to follow few simple steps:

> Go to the dialer or phone app.

> Touch, “Contacts”.

> Tap, “More”.

> Click or touch, “Accounts”.

> You will see various options in that list, click on Facebook option.

> The Facebook option might not be visible in this menu if such thing happens, check that:

> Facebook App is installed on your phone and

> You are logged in at Facebook.

> Clicking on the Facebook shall take few seconds.

Dialar app

After doing this proceed back to Phonebook and there will be many new contacts added in your list which means syncing of Facebook contacts with the Phonebook contacts. Some of those names would be having contact numbers and some might not have. However, most of them must be having email addresses and the profile pictures. So the contact can easily be defined by the profile picture or an email address and the contact number may be manually added.

The contacts can also be merged if duplicity is faced. Merging can also be done by using the phone app through the setting menu. If you still face the same problem then you first need to delete some contacts. Here the question comes that whether deleting contacts will delete them permanently or some backup should be made. The best option is that you can move them to SIM cards; which usually have reasonably good slots for storage of contact numbers. Remember while moving the contacts to some other place, use “MOVE” option instead of “COPY”. But even if you have used copy contact option, you can later on delete the contacts from Phone by using delete option. This step will ensure that no duplicate contacts exist in your list hence allowing you to sync your phonebook precisely with your Facebook and other social accounts.

Manual linking of Phonebook contacts with Facebook

It must be irritating for you if despite of your efforts your contacts could not get synced with your Facebook account. At this stage you must tolerate to the automatically linking of contacts with account and consider the manual linking of contacts with other accounts specially the Facebook. A third party app can also be a good option for manual linking but as the best app for this job is Sync Me which basically helps you matching the Facebook contacts with those contacts already existing in your Phonebook. The app is found quite easy than the built in sync tool available in Facebook by default. The App also allows the user to select the contacts manually and match them with their Facebook profiles. In one go you can keep matching the contacts and finally when you get through with the job, just tap the “Finish” button to terminate the settings and go to your Phonebook. This time we are sure that you will feel more comfortable with the view of your synced Facebook and Phonebook contacts in one list at one place.