HTC Vive Will Be “a Very Big Technological Breakthrough,” Claims The CEO

HTC’s CEO, Cher Wang claims that one of their devices, HTC Vive, will be “a very, very big technological

HTC’s CEO, Cher Wang claims that one of their devices, HTC Vive, will be “a very, very big technological breakthrough” for virtual reality platform. Her statement was delivered on the Vive Unbond Developer Conference event in Beijing, yesterday. The event (December 17 t0 December 20) can be a chance for developers to try and to learn more about HTC Vive.

Wang’s statement came 2 weeks before they cooperated with Valve to present the new version of HTC Vive and just skip the original version as it was announced at MWC in March. This new version caused the HTC release schedule to be postponed from December 2015 to April 2016. The new HTC Vive will be exhibited at CES in January 2016 and the pre-order will be opened in February next year.



Wang also mentioned that the users will prefer HTC Vive than the other VR platforms, because it will have a complete user interface, immersive feeling, and more quality contents.

“Why would I buy a handicapped product? You won’t like it,” she confirmed about the other VR products (Occulus Rift, read). Moreover, the exec acknowledged that from developers’ perspective, they need these low-end platforms as well, to achieve a sizable market, which is also why HTC never even considered enforcing an exclusivity with Valve’s SteamVR gaming platform right from the start.

HTC Vive is a VR device, which is not related to smartphone as well as Samsung Gear VR. The Vive is PC-powered and runs on a gaming platform called SteamVR. There is no official information yet about the price, but Wang added that Vive is not only addressed for consumers but also companies and education.

Audi is one of the companies to plan adopting Vive on their flagship store to offer virtual test drive. In the hospital, Vive offers a 3D scan concept of a patient’s brain to better prep for surgery. While in education, there is an idea of letting kids learn about the human body by flowing around as a blood cell inside. What an interesting concept, right? What do you think?


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