Instagram Highlights: Everything You Need To Know And How To Create Them

Instagram Highlights are a great way to showcase the best content from your Instagram stories. They allow you

Instagram Highlights are a great way to showcase the best content from your Instagram stories. They allow you to save and categorize your stories, and keep them visible on your profile even after the 24-hour story disappears. In this article, we will discuss what Instagram highlights are, their benefits, and how to create them.

Instagram Highlights: Everything You Need to Know and How to Create Them

What are Instagram Highlights?

Instagram Highlights are curated collections of your best Instagram stories that you choose to showcase on your profile. They appear as circular icons above your profile grid and can be customized to reflect your brand, personality, or interests.

Highlights are an excellent way to showcase your most engaging and entertaining stories, allowing you to keep them visible to your followers for as long as you want. You can also use highlights to categorize your stories by theme, topic, or event.

Benefits of Instagram Highlights

There are several benefits to using Instagram highlights:

  1. Increase visibility: By keeping your most engaging stories visible on your profile, you can increase your visibility and attract more followers.

  2. Showcase your brand: Use highlights to showcase your brand's personality and style, and reinforce your visual identity.

  3. Organize your content: Categorize your stories by topic or theme, making it easy for your followers to find the content they're interested in.

  4. Repurpose your content: Instead of letting your stories disappear after 24 hours, use highlights to repurpose your best content and give it new life.

How to Create Instagram Highlights

Creating Instagram highlights is easy, and can be done in a few simple steps:

Step 1: Open your Instagram profile and tap the "+" button on the highlights section.

Step 2: Choose the stories you want to add to your highlight by selecting them from your archive or current stories.

Step 3: Give your highlight a name that reflects the theme or topic of your content.

Step 4: Choose a cover image for your highlight by selecting an image from the stories you've added or uploading a new one.

Step 5: Once you've created your highlight, it will be visible on your profile, and you can continue to add new stories to it as you create them.

Tips for Creating Great Instagram Highlights

To create great Instagram highlights, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Choose a theme: Decide on a theme or topic for your highlight and stick to it to keep your content organized and consistent.

  2. Be creative: Use creative titles and cover images to make your highlights stand out and capture the attention of your followers.

  3. Keep it relevant: Only include stories that are relevant to your highlight's theme or topic, and avoid cluttering your highlight with unrelated content.

  4. Update your highlights regularly: Keep your highlights fresh by updating them with new content regularly, and retiring old content that's no longer relevant


Instagram Highlights are a powerful tool that can help you showcase your best content, increase your visibility, and reinforce your brand's visual identity. With just a few simple steps, you can create your own highlights and start repurposing your stories for maximum impact. Remember to be creative, relevant, and consistent, and your highlights will be sure to stand out and engage your followers.