How To Use Google Trusted Contacts

Google Inc. has recently launched a personal safety app called Trusted Contacts that aim to serve the same purpose

Google Inc. has recently launched a personal safety app called Trusted Contacts that aim to serve the same purpose of the app ‘Find My Friend’ but with more features included. That is you can expect something more from this recent advent Google Trusted Contacts app. The app lets you share your location information with close friends and family so that they can be assured of your safety. The best things is that the app works irrespective of the things such as if the phone is online, offline, the battery is dead etc. More about this Google Trusted Contacts app is explained below.

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What Is Google Trusted Contacts App?

This is mainly a safety app introduced by Google Inc. which allows you to share your location and status with the relatives and close friends so that they can be sure that you are safe. But it requires granting them permission beforehand which is to be set up and then they can have access to information such as when you have last used your phone, in case you have moved the location etc. With all these the status of your smartphone battery is also eyed by them.

The app becomes extremely helpful in a situation when you need to work till late night at the office and want some of your friends and dear ones to be informed about your every step. Also, the worried parents can make use of this Google Trusted Contacts app to keep an eye on their children.

This app is currently available on Android Kitkat and above versions. However, Google is trying to come out with the iOS version as well soon.


How to use Google Trusted Contacts:

The use of this app is much simple which requires you to follow some easy and step by step process.

In order to use and letting your friends know about your location, you are required to maintain three steps and these are:

  • Set up and add trusted contacts
  • Use the contacts to share your location
  • See a trusted contact’s location

These steps are discussed in detail.


Step 1: Set up and add trusted contacts

First head towards Google Play Store to download the app on your device. Once downloaded, sign in using your Google account details. As you launch the app for the first time, it will show various animated screens and features of the app. When you are asked to grant the permission, go for that and the sign-up process will be completed. Next, comes adding trusted contacts to the app. When prompted, select the contacts you want to be added to the app. It can be done by selecting the contacts and then tapping on the add button located at the right side of the screen. However, it is not necessary for the selected contacts to have the same app installed on their device as well. But if they want to request your location, they should have the app installed on their phone.

Also, the users can add or remove any contacts in the Trusted list at any moment. To add a contact, open the app and select Add contact. Then select the people to be added.

And to remove a contact from the list, launch the app > find the contacts to be removed > tap on the three dots > settings which will offer options to remove the contact.


Step 2: Use the contacts to share your location

Once you have set up the app and added trusted contacts, now its time to start using Google Trusted Contacts to share location with them in need. After setting up as you launch the app, the home page will be displayed with the contacts added. Now when those contacts download the same app on their device, they can see your status such as active recently, active in last 24 hours or else dead battery, offline etc.

Now in order to share location with the added contacts, just tap on the orange circle that has location icon inside it and it will bring two options, either Share location with selected contacts or Send alert. The first option will require you to choose the recipients first which will then allow the contacts to see your current location and the location history for next 24 hours or else till you choose to stop it.

The second option ‘send alert’ is for the emergency purpose which will send alert to all the trusted contact in your list immediately. Now the contacts who have this app installed on their device will receive an alarm tone and can see your location. But those who are using the browser version will receive an email notifying them that you need the assistance.

So, this is how to use the trusted contacts app to share your location.


Step 3: See a trusted contact’s location

In case you want to check the location of a trusted contact what you need to do is launch the app, tap on the person’s name whose location you want to know and then tap on ‘ask for location’ tab. It will then ask that person to confirm if they want to share the details. If they do not respond within 5 minutes, you will automatically receive that contact’s location details along with a map.

And in case you are using a web browser then tap on the ‘request location’ tab to receive the location details.

So, that’s it. Google Trusted Contacts app is really helpful in situations when you need urgent help and do not know anyone in an unfamiliar place. The app is not loaded with loads of features and options but is extremely useful in urgent cases. So, it is a must-have app to have on your device to be safe in all situations while you can also help your friends and dear ones when they are in need of your help. So, why late? Just go ahead and get this app on your device that comes completely free.

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