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How to Edit and Enhance Photos on your Infinix GT 10 Pro Android Device

Step 1: Open the Gallery or Photos App

To edit and enhance photos on your Infinix GT 10 Pro device, follow these steps:

Locate and open the Gallery or Photos app on your Infinix GT 10 Pro device.

Step 2: Select the Photo to Edit

Choose the photo you want to edit from your photo library:

Browse through your photos and tap on the desired photo to select it.

Step 3: Access the Editing Tools

Once you have selected the photo, look for the editing tools or options:

Tap on the Edit or Pencil icon to access the editing features.

Step 4: Make Adjustments

Explore the available editing options and make adjustments to enhance your photo:

Adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation to improve the overall appearance of the photo.

Experiment with cropping, rotating, or straightening to achieve the desired composition.

Apply filters or effects to add a creative touch to your photo.

Step 5: Save the Edited Photo

Once you are satisfied with the edits, save the changes:

Tap on the Save or Done button to apply and save the edits to your photo.

The edited photo will be saved as a new version while preserving the original.

Congratulations! You have learned how to edit and enhance photos on your Infinix GT 10 Pro Android device. Please note that specific options and steps may vary depending on the device manufacturer and Android version. Refer to the user manual or official documentation specific to your device for accurate and model-specific instructions.

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